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2002-09-03 - 9:55 a.m.

Last night, while hanging out with John Logan and Kevin, AKA Big Daddy P, we found out that HBO family was playing the movie "Heavyweights." We watched it about halfway into it. My brother and I get a good chuckle watching it, but for some reason it was all hampered by Big Daddy P's disgust with it. He kept saying the movie was "wrong" and kept saying (well, the gist of what he was saying with a couple of expletives added.) "They are promoting unhealthy lifestyles." SO, Kevin tries to reach for the remote and snatch it from him and hold Kevin's arms down. Now, I start talking like a therapist and tell Kevin "It's alright." Now pinning Kevin to the couch and making him watch "Heavyweights" is no easy task. He's about 5'9-ish, and stockier then me, about a deuce-85-ish, and on top of that, he can get wily. Well, he struggled hard till the end but he watched it all, thanks to me. Why I held him down, I don't know. Why did I physically exert myself to make him watch "Heavyweights?" Why did he struggle so hard not to watch it? It was funny, for the first 10 minutes, but I kept him pinned down for 45 minutes maybe PAST the point of DISTURBING and kept going. Why? No Idea. Scarred Kevin for life, quite possibly. What the fuck is wrong with me? Who knows. They need more movies about fat kids smuggling candy into camps, too funny.

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