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2006-01-25 - 9:36 p.m.

So yeah, I haven't updated in forever, but hey, that's what happens when you are fighting for your life in the OCTAGON!

First off, let me say RIP to Chris Penn, who, for most of us, passed away mysteriously today, found dead in a California Condo. Personally, he died for me in the movie "Best of the Best 2."

My life has been pretty slow in comparison to my previous months before my diary inactivity. I somehow pulled term papers out of my ass, beared down hard on finals and ended up on the "Dean's list" with a 3.835 for the semester (12 credits total) and raised my 1.432 cumulative GPA to a 2.119 in one semester. Brain Powers man...BRAIN POWERS! I focused much of my writing time to term paper titles such as: "Impact of Women in Funk Music" -a paper essentially written from memory and with a bit of help from Wikipedia, "Views on Cesarian Section" -the most comprehensive scholarly paper I have ever written with a source packet as thick as a dictionary, and a fictional diary of "Annie Pettway-Stevens" -a southern African American woman quilter implanted in Harlem during the peak of its' renaissance. I also completed a video project for once, (also for a class) titled, "Full Circle" a short documentary on a group of modern-day yarn spinners. This was ultimately very satisfying to me and even more of an achievement to me then the "Cesarian Section" paper.

The holidays were alright. Cindy came down for Thanksgiving with my family and that was awesome. Christmas was quaint. I spent the New Year's down at the beach and played some Dreamcast. I also became the proud owner of two genuine FULL HOUSE trading cards to officially make me the KING GEEK OF ALL THE UNIVERSE! My friend Brother-Brother John, Brian, and I played an interesting game on the boardwalk called "T-Shirt Roulette." The rules are as follows:

Note* This game is meant to be done on a beach boardwalk OR wherever an extensive selection of custom-made iron-on, airbrush, touristy t-shirts reside and the more players involved, the merrier.

1. The object of the game is that you allow one of your friends or fellow players to personally, pick, purchase with their own money, and design you a t-shirt that you MUST wear on the boardwalk* and vice-versa for an extended amount of time.

2. The only stipulation is that you get to choose X amounts of things you wish not to be on the shirt. The X amount should be agreed on by all players before the game begins and all players should choose their X exemptions before players hunt for shirts and agree to not change their exemptions once they set them. The lesser number of exemptions you agree on, the more interesting the game and the more flexibility in finding your friend/player a perfect t-shirt. *examples- "I don't want rebel flags on my shirt" "I don't want a pink shirt" "I don't want a shirt with glitter on it." "I don't want a v-neck."

3. You don't necessarily have to be ruthless in shirt selection like making a burly biker man wear a tank-top with butterflies and dolphins n' rainbows and shit, but really, there's plenty of room for comedic opportunity and if I were you, I would whole-heartedly exploit that.

4. The shirts must be worn out of the store by your chosen player once purchased and worn for an extended period of time, *preferably out in public* and the shirts after being worn for an extended period, are gifts for those said people for them to keep.

Yes, it costs money, but it really brings psychological skeletons out of the closet between friends and could lead to possible social breakthroughs.

Moving on...

Cindy came back in January because she left her toothbrush and stayed for 10 more days. We went just about everywhere together and had a grand time. We both traveled to see the "soap lady" and the "cycloptic baby in a jar" at the Mutter Museum. We also watched a shitload of movies that she reccommended that I see. Until a couple of weeks ago, I was probably the only American in the world that was totally unaware of the hilariousness that was the movie "Office Space." I must of just overlooked that memo nearly 7 years ago, but I'm glad she sat me down to watch it with her. Other movies I caught for the first time: "Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas," "James and the Giant Peach," and "Me, You, and Everyone We Know." And for the record, yes, Cindy and I pooped back and forth forever after watching that last movie.

On the day excursion to Philly with Cindy-loo, I realized my taste buds incessant lusting for falafel and that Haagen Dazs means "I'll slap yo' momma in the biscuits for some of this fuckin' ice cream bitch!" in German. I also took up the habit of walking and my mom and I are in the walking groove again. She's all adamant about wearing her pedometer and counting her steps and I don't mind much, just 3 laps around the block=3 miles, about over an hour of exercise and that is good enough for me. I've been quite restless with no job and no school. I've been out a job for nearly 6 months now and yeah, my bills look it...I need to start ho'ing my ass and soon.

I'm in "We *heart* Katamari" withdrawl stages right now. This video game addiction was brought upon Cindy and I seriously am kicking ass in this game with almost everything collected and all sorts of shit. It's sad really how J-pop is seeping into my veins because of the sheer addictiveness that is this game.

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